Proxy Blade on Greenlight


Oh man this was a crazy week. Taking hours of raw footage and preparing everything. But here it is on, anybody can help now.

The current state of the project is pretty advanced on a pure gameplay perspective. I can do a run through the current version of the game start to end. All the game systems are very well defined and are already somewhat nicely balanced (until the beta at least).

My current focus is to finish and make the missing boss battles. I can't promise a lot of them, but I can promise I'm giving my all to make each boss as awesome as possible.

After that I still have tons of little things and bugs to correct. Don't underestimate that, it might take some serious time to fix every little bit.

Proxy Blade is not just what is currently there, that I could do on my own time. It is also what it could become with bigger means. The base goal of the campaign is to help me finish the game, but if it could go beyond, I see hundreds of awesome enhancements I could make.

I guess we'll see how it goes. I have absolutely no idea of how well received it will be in the end. Let's hope for the best!

D6 out.

Still alive: Proxy, and Fearless Ludum Dare.

Yeah, I'm really bad at keeping people updated on my project, so here's the short version of what happened in the meantime:
  • Almost all the music from Bolt is done. We still need to adjust some key moments, but I'm sure it will all be ready before I'm done with the rest.
  • All of the enemies are done and all the encounters are balanced.
  • The entire mapping of the game is done and playable from beginning to end (save the bosses).
  • Xbox performance was a big worry all along the road, but now I'm pleased to say it fully runs at 60fps and at 720p with MSAAx4. 
All of that required quite a bit of work and a lot of hair pulling (especially those last two tasks). My current focus is on the boss battles, it's a big task, but it's the very last that directly concerns gameplay.

Also, please note that Proxy Gear will get a slight name change soon, as the current title is a bit problematic for me. I will need some more preparation for the new title. Please be patient.

Recently I also took part in the latest Ludum Dare jam with a new game: Fearless.
This entry is less experimental than my other LD games, it is a stealth game a bit inspired by Metal Gear Solid.
You can take a look at it here:

You can read about Fearless here: and it was even recently featured by here:
It certainly is my best Ludum Dare game so far, and a very good sanity check when it's been so long working on a single project. A fun breath of fresh air for me.

D6 out.

Some progress and lights of green

Oh boy, I've gone under for a long time. Sorry about that, especially when I say I will show more stuff eh.
I'm not really used to that idea of showing everything I do, as I believe games are always better when you discover it gamepad in hands. It makes it very hard for me to chose what to show or not.

I made big progress on the level design. Basically, everything is done on that front, the entire game is mapped, and all that's missing is texture/graphics work on some areas (which also explains the lack of screenshots).

I am now mainly working on the remaining enemies, after which I will be able to finish the stages.

With that said, I also took some time to make a quick Steam Greenlight concept page. It is not a full-on game submission (I'll do that later), but it is still an important way to get the game out there and to see if there's enough interest.

Please take a look, comment and vote, I'm very interested in what the steam players might have to say, and I need to get the game known.

D6 out.

Update - Bolt powered Music!

Sorry about the big lack of update, I was quite burnt out after the DBP crunch and had to take a break.

some slight lighting changes too
Some progress is being made. I'm putting the last touches to the second area's layout. Some more AI to work on (mostly the 1st boss to clean up), and I can get the actual level modeling going. I also did quite a bit of bug fixing.

But most of all, Bolt joined to make the music of the game. No more incompetech placeholders like on the DBP 2012 trailer, the game will finally have its original compositions.
Bolt is a very talented composer and has a knack for good electro music. His first contribution is already a big breath of fresh air for the project and I'm sure the rest will come out just as good.

More to come soon.
D6 out

Proxy Gear has hit Beta phase

After a year of work on Proxy Gear, I am finally at a point where I can say most of the gameplay and main elements are done. The Dream Build Play version of the game represent about a third of the main campaign, fully functional and as fun as intended.

Since the game's backbone is complete, all that is left is fun stuff: a few more stages, more variations on the enemies, boss battles and such. Which (unlike slight balance and engine coding) are very exciting things to show off.

Expect more updates on this soon.

D6 out.

This is merely the beginning

So yeah, exist at last. The main purpose of it is to have one place where all my games can be found, and to give some big updates on the upcoming one. Occasionally I'll also write a bit about game design and the industry.

I hope you'll stick around, as I'll ramp up the updates as Proxy Gear comes closer to completion.

D6 out.