Update - Bolt powered Music!

Sorry about the big lack of update, I was quite burnt out after the DBP crunch and had to take a break.

some slight lighting changes too
Some progress is being made. I'm putting the last touches to the second area's layout. Some more AI to work on (mostly the 1st boss to clean up), and I can get the actual level modeling going. I also did quite a bit of bug fixing.

But most of all, Bolt joined to make the music of the game. No more incompetech placeholders like on the DBP 2012 trailer, the game will finally have its original compositions.
Bolt is a very talented composer and has a knack for good electro music. His first contribution is already a big breath of fresh air for the project and I'm sure the rest will come out just as good.

More to come soon.
D6 out


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