Some progress and lights of green

Oh boy, I've gone under for a long time. Sorry about that, especially when I say I will show more stuff eh.
I'm not really used to that idea of showing everything I do, as I believe games are always better when you discover it gamepad in hands. It makes it very hard for me to chose what to show or not.

I made big progress on the level design. Basically, everything is done on that front, the entire game is mapped, and all that's missing is texture/graphics work on some areas (which also explains the lack of screenshots).

I am now mainly working on the remaining enemies, after which I will be able to finish the stages.

With that said, I also took some time to make a quick Steam Greenlight concept page. It is not a full-on game submission (I'll do that later), but it is still an important way to get the game out there and to see if there's enough interest.

Please take a look, comment and vote, I'm very interested in what the steam players might have to say, and I need to get the game known.

D6 out.