Still alive: Proxy, and Fearless Ludum Dare.

Yeah, I'm really bad at keeping people updated on my project, so here's the short version of what happened in the meantime:
  • Almost all the music from Bolt is done. We still need to adjust some key moments, but I'm sure it will all be ready before I'm done with the rest.
  • All of the enemies are done and all the encounters are balanced.
  • The entire mapping of the game is done and playable from beginning to end (save the bosses).
  • Xbox performance was a big worry all along the road, but now I'm pleased to say it fully runs at 60fps and at 720p with MSAAx4. 
All of that required quite a bit of work and a lot of hair pulling (especially those last two tasks). My current focus is on the boss battles, it's a big task, but it's the very last that directly concerns gameplay.

Also, please note that Proxy Gear will get a slight name change soon, as the current title is a bit problematic for me. I will need some more preparation for the new title. Please be patient.

Recently I also took part in the latest Ludum Dare jam with a new game: Fearless.
This entry is less experimental than my other LD games, it is a stealth game a bit inspired by Metal Gear Solid.
You can take a look at it here:

You can read about Fearless here: and it was even recently featured by here:
It certainly is my best Ludum Dare game so far, and a very good sanity check when it's been so long working on a single project. A fun breath of fresh air for me.

D6 out.


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